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View the Letter To President Trump from Southern Baptists Leaders in Support of Rohingya

Rohingyas and Kachin are indigenous people of Burma facing genocide and crimes against humanity.

Rohingyas forced to flee to Bangladesh
In concentration camps since 2012
Women interviewed by UN were raped

1.1 million Rohingyas were forced to flee to neighboring Bangladesh. 129,000 of them have been in a concentration camps since 2012. The UN says that 52% of all women they interviewed were raped by the Burmese military. Rohingyas were alway citizens but in 1982 the military took away their citizenship causing an official apartheid type situation which led to their genocide.

Now the Burmese military has turned its genocidal guns on the predominantly Christian Kachin people, committing rape, murder and bombings just as they did with the Rohingyas.

Kachin & others living in camps
Burmese Christians refugees in the United States

241,000 Kachin and other people are living in camps because of the Burmese military attacks. There are 160,000 Burmese Christian refugees in USA who were forced to flee because of their religion.

We need to raise our voice

If nothing is done, countless more Rohingya and Kachin will be raped, tortured, subjected to Genocide and deprived of the freedom to practice their religion.

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